Norman O’Flynn

My work is based on everyday personal pleasures and struggles,expressed through universal themes with my fingers dipped in the pots of authenticity and identity. What concerns me usually concerns you .The good, the bad and the ‘Boom!’. This gives me the opportunity to visually talk about and work through events that have caught my attention and at the same time I get to make objects that matter. Take for example the explosion: this has become an everyday experience, normality – you might as well hang one on your wall. The world is falling apart and it’s too big for me to change, so instead of being overwhelmed and doing nothing I try to make constructive comments that on the surface seems playful but are conceptually deadly serious.

A painter, sculpture, all round constructor- Norman O’Flynn has held ten solo exhibitions and participated in group shows across the globe including Switzerland, Italy, England, Lebanon, Egypt, Zambia and Nigeria. His work is widely sought after and hangs in private, corporate and museum collections around the world. O’Flynn’s ongoing participation in international residencies and workshops has given him insights into different cultural experiences and phenomena lending his work its unique global visual language.

“I think about art constantly, whilst walking through the city, reading a book, watching TV, enjoying a dinner party and I try to put these collective experiences into a visual language that everyone gets on some level.” What brings Norman O’Flynn joy, to tears, astounds and upsets him become critical responses and these responses manifest themselves as dynamic, colourful and playful compositions introducing the viewer to polka dot play cows, out of time superheroes, space age fertility figures and shiny slick explosions, opening a portal to the audiences’ own experiences and interpretation. Norman O’Flynn lives and constructs in Cape Town, South Africa.