Paul Kneen

“As an artist, I feel it is my social responsibility to raise awareness on issues, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable the topic. For me, the essence of visual art is getting a message across without a word having to be spoken,”

Inspired by everyday logos, icons and world events at large, I adopt and adapt signs in our contemporary world to expose the troubling connections between them. I dissect the many levels of social stratification, while intertwining strands that explore everything from the world of politics to the powerhouse of religion. I try to show how our own consumerism and greed are being fed by the power-hungry elite. My work attempts to maintain a sharp sense of humour, yet still expose the dangers of a warped collective consciousness.

Influenced by pop culture and street art from all over the world, I use the essence of these art forms as a starting point to express my view on the current situation of the world. Refusing to be bound to one particular art from I enjoy using traditional gold leaf techniques as well as more modern practices such as acrylics, screen printing and hand cut stencils.

UK born artist Paul Kneen has made South Africa his home for the past six years. Having gained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sheffield University in South Yorkshire, UK, he has settled in Hermanus, Western Cape, where he paints full time.